Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quiz '05-'06 Season Results

[The date now is 5/21/2007. The timestamp is the point when this season ended unceremoniously.]

The second quiz season had quizzes named after the Greek Alphabet, in honor of the recent hurricane season which had been the craziest on record. I'd planned on going through the Greek Alphabet, but, like the previous season, I didn't make it to the end (there were 8 Greek letters left), and no prizes were awarded, and I didn't even keep track of the standings. But I just went back and documented the results:

Quiz name/ Winner

Alpha Bits: (Ryan) M
Beta Barn: (Ryan) M
Tampa Bay Gamma Rays: No one, but Andrew gets a point.
Delta Delta Delta Can I Help Ya Help Ya Help Ya: BSM, and Ric gets a point.
Theo Epsilon: AJM
Zeta-Jones: No points awarded.
I Dreamed I Eta 10-lb. Marshmallow: AJM, 1.5 points
Embedded Nameless Quiz in post "Retro Gallery: 1989": No points awarded.
TheTa o Of Rich: No points awarded.
Iota Man Some Money: (Ryan) M
Gabe Kappa-ler: No points awarded.
Go To Sure Was Lamb-da: AJM
Mu: audio quiz that never posted, no points awarded.
Nu Hampshire: JS
Xi-lophone: Omnipotent Q, aka Mighty Quinn
Omicron-kite: No points awarded, but AJM had a "really, really good" guess.
Apple Pi: JS

From what I can tell, each quiz allowed people to get 1 point for a correct answer, but multiple people could get points, or one person could get more or less than a point. Or something. Giving each winner 1 point where it's not otherwise noted how many they should get, the final standings look like this:

AJM: 3.5
(Ryan) M: 3
JS: 2
BSM: 1
Ric: 1
Andrew: 1
Q: 1
Nick Smith: 0

The Nick Smith joke is: He was one of my more civil Yankee-fan commenters. He claimed he was gonna kick ass at quizzes. He did well in the '05-'06 PRE-season of quizzes. Apparently, he thought that was regular season. So when I started with the real season, he had 0 points, but thought he had a bunch. I informed him those were the pre-season totals. That was the last I ever heard from him. But he always remains on the standings board each year, eternally in last place with 0 points.

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